Photography Trip To Photograph Waterfalls

Since purchasing the Fujifilm X-T3, I finally had a chance to get out to do a little landscape photography during some rainy weather. Since we were staying near Roseburg in Oregon, I decided to visit the Umpqua National Forest because there were numerous opportunities to photograph waterfalls. 

I only chose a couple of familiar waterfalls to try out the new camera since we only had a few hours to play around with; Whitehorse and Toketee Falls. 

Things I Enjoyed About Using the X-T3

I had a good time using the new X-T3 on this excursion. This camera is weather sealed just like the X-T2. That’s a real plus for me since I am from the wet Pacific Northwest. I purposely didn’t cover it just to put it to the test. 

Fujifilm X-T3 camera

Fujifilm X-T3 is weather sealed

The body of the X-T3 feels a little more robust than the X-T2. It’s solid and compact at the same time. 

I’m glad they bumped the ISO to 160 as I’ve been used to having 100 as minimum on DSLRs for years. I could go on about a few more technical aspects of using the X-T3 I really like but instead I may do a series of videos to highlight them. It would be easier anyway. 


Toketee Falls within the Umpqua National Forest, Oregon.

Only One Problem

One very frustrating thing I did experience is that my images ended up being darker than what I saw in my EVF screen even though they looked perfectly exposed while viewing and setting up the shot. Fujifilm X Series cameras have always been good for the images coming out at what you see on your screen. The screen is so crisp and brilliant. When I got home to download my images I noticed that most were too dark, some unusable. After checking and re-checking my camera settings, I couldn’t find a reason for it. I even compared it with my X-T2 settings. I checked on Fujifilm’s website and did find that sometimes the EVF screen can be off a little in low light. This didn’t set right with me because I often shoot in low light with these type of conditions. I ended up reaching out to Dan Bailey, a Fujifilm Ambassador. Dan wrote an awesome ebook called, X Series Unlimited. He recently sent an updated version to people who purchased it.

Possible Solutions

The problem could have been as simple as the screen being too bright. My screen was set to auto. I will try setting it to manual next time. By doing this it would force me to look through the viewfinder to begin with. Funny how I’ve relied on the screen more since I started shooting with Fujifilm cameras and not always looking through the viewfinder! Another thing I could try is bringing down the brightness of the screen a bit. The Natural Live View setting came toggled off from the factory. Dan recommends turning it on especially if you use the film simulations and for shooting in JPG. Now I mostly shoot raw but I’m going to see if this also makes a difference. Now that I’m aware of it, I’ll definitely get it dialed in for the next time.  

Overall, I really enjoyed my first trip out with the Fujifilm X-T3 and look forward to getting out again soon!