Your Photography: The Essential Guide to Promoting Your Work Locally

//Your Photography: The Essential Guide to Promoting Your Work Locally

Your Photography: The Essential Guide to Promoting Your Work Locally


What You’ll Learn
This essential guide contains tips and resources to get you started promoting your photography in your local area and perhaps beyond! (Check out a few sample pages from the book!)

What’s Included

  • Size: 30.2 MB, 110 pages / Format:  eBooks, PDF format
  • Topics Covered: Business Essentials, Venues, Memberships, Community, Contests, Social Media, Q&A Inspirational Featured Photographers

BONUS CHAPTER! Q&A interviews with 13 professional photographers, guaranteed to inspire!



This book was created because photographers and artists who have an interest in selling their work, either online or through various retail outlets, keep reaching out to me for advice. I always help them as best as I can, by answering their questions and pointing them to various resources, so that they, too, can begin promoting and selling their work. This book is for those just starting out. It’s my attempt to compile information into one place: a guide to get people started. Whether you are a photographer, or any other kind of artist, and you would like to begin promoting your work, you can benefit from the tips and tricks I write about in these pages. Because I am a landscape photographer, I am mostly addressing nature photography. But, if you are a portrait photographer, a painter, or work in any other medium, you can still benefit from the information in this book. I hope to send you down the exciting path of selling and promoting your art in your hometown.

Featured Photographers

I put together a Q & A with 13 professional photographers in the bonus section of the book. You’ll learn from their extensive experience!




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