How I met Wendy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a friend, Wendy Seagren whom I met about a couple of years ago at ProPhoto camera shop in Portland. I had overheard her tell the clerk that she had one of her photos shortlisted in a USA photography competition. I was shortlisted in the same competition, we then struck up a conversation. From there we chatted frequently via text or email. We had another thing in common, we both spent time living in an RV. She and her husband had an RV and would spend winter months in southern California.  

In 2017 Wendy was diagnosed with cancer. After completing her treatments she asked me to rebuild her website. We were in constant communication during the redesign of her photography website. I got to know her pretty well. Building her website gave her hope as she recovered from cancer. She received word from her doctor that she was cancer free and began making travel plans again. Wendy and her husband even bought a new 5th wheel trailer.

More health issues

Wendy developed complications that landed her in the hospital once again during a trip to California. While in the hospital Wendy was diagnosed with a blockage and blood infection. They also found more cancer. 

In the weeks that followed in our text messages Wendy told me she was scared and that she wasn’t sure she would make it. I offered her my prayers and tried to encourage her the best I could. At that time she asked me to disable all ecommerce on her website. One of her final text messages to me was that she was being released from the hospital. She told me she would be going home to be put on Hospice. It sounded like her medical condition was very serious.  At the end of this message she wrote, “Just wanted to say thank you for your friendship. You’re a beautiful photographer. Good luck to you. Love, Wendy” 

I sent a text to Wendy a few weeks ago and recently left a voice mail message on her phone. I received a phone call from her husband telling me she passed away on Saturday, September 1st. I’m sad that she didn’t make it as she was such a lovely lady. My thoughts and prayers are with her friends & family. I know she loved her family dearly as she spoke of them often.  

Wendy Seagren – Fine Art Landscape Photographer

My purpose in writing this is to give tribute to Wendy’s accomplishments as a photographer. Wendy was a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)Photographic Society of America (PSA), Oregon Professional Photographers Association, and American Society of Photographers (ASP). She enjoyed competitions and won numerous awards. In 2016 she earned her Master’s Degree from PPA. If you Google her name, you’ll find many references around her many photographic accomplishments.  

I love how photography gets you outside exploring our world. For me it does just that. It’s where I find the greatest amount of peace, out in nature. I know Wendy loved photography this way as well. Yosemite was one of her favorite places to shoot landscapes. I will miss our chats and the beautiful imagery she would have been sharing with the world.

Keep in touch with your friends and family and hold them close as we never know what is around the corner.