When spring comes along I’m always excited about getting outdoors to hike to some beautiful waterfalls. I love waterfalls in the spring time in Oregon as they are my favorite thing to photograph in nature. The lush green, mossy forests in Oregon that surround the creeks and rivers are just so breathtaking. Some people from other parts of the world that haven’t been to Oregon or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, have commented on my photos and think it’s a paradise. Well, it really is. I love living in Oregon and taking in all that it has to offer in the outdoor world.

The sound of rushing waters is something that since my childhood has always put my soul at peace. It’s where I can reflect upon God and the blessings in my life. It’s a place where I can, for a short time, forget about the things of this world that bring me down emotionally and physically. It’s a place of healing and inner reflection.

I encourage you today to find a place in nature where you can take a step back, breath in and begin to feel a sense of peace and renewal. And most of all, enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.