Once again I’m participating in Jim Goldstein’s Blog Project which I’ve done for a few years now. He puts together an inspiring list of photographers in which he showcases their top photos of the year.

Last year I mentioned in my Top Favorite Photos of 2014 post that I didn’t travel much because my husband and I were saving money to travel this year (2015). It was pretty much the same early on in the year because we were preparing to become full-time travelers in our RV beginning in July.

Many of my photos taken in the first part of the year were all in Oregon, with a trip down to the California Redwoods. Then we stayed in Oregon all summer in various locations. When fall began we traveled to Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

In 2016 I’m looking forward to more travel and of course photographing new places that I’ve never been before!

The World of Bandon
I spent a lot of time during the winter photographing my favorite places along the Oregon Coast near where I lived for several years. Bandon is certainly one of my favorite beaches, it rarely disappoints. My favorite time to photograph the Oregon Coast is during winter.

beach scene


Elowah Falls 
I love to spend time in the spring photographing within the Columbia River Gorge. Elowah Falls is one of my favorite waterfalls in the Gorge. It was on my retake list because I haven’t gotten the shot I really wanted during my past visits.



Misty Metlako
Another of my favorite waterfall shots from my spring photo trip to the Columbia River Gorge. I was with my friend Perri Schelat and we were excited about the conditions that day!



Red Barn & Mt Hood
Always loved shots of this barn and pear orchard in Hood River. I enjoyed photographing it a couple of times with friends who were in the area. Mike and I brought our RV and stayed near Hood River at a couple of our favorite camp spots. It’s one of our favorite Oregon towns.



Forest Fog & Blooms
I planned a trip to the California Redwoods with Mike. We were anxious to get out in the RV and stay somewhere beautiful. I met up friends and had a wonderful time. I came back with several photos I was happy with.



Trillium Lake Glow
When we started traveling in July, we spent most of the summer within Oregon. We needed to stay in the state for various family events we wanted to be at. For three weeks in August we had our 16 year old grandson traveling with us in the RV. We had such a great time with him camping the longest near Trillium Lake.

mountain & lake view


Silent City Glow
After our summer in Oregon, we traveled to California, Nevada and Utah. It was our first time visiting Bryce Canyon National Park and we loved it. It was still a busy place with lots of tourists but October seemed to be a good month to be there. We stayed in the nearby town of Panguitch and loved the charm in that town.



Aspen Patterns
When the weather at the high elevation in Panguitch began changing, we took a trip over to Ridgeway, Colorado to catch the tail end of the fall colors. Ridgeway turned out to be a great town to stay in and we really enjoyed the area.



The Crack
After staying a week in Colorado, we drove back to Utah and stayed a month near Zion National Park. We absolutely loved the location we stayed in because we had access to Zion and the St. George area. There is so much to do there. Our most memorable hike was The Subway in Zion. It was the hardest hike we’ve ever done but totally worth it. We started at dawn and hiked out part of the way in the dark.flowing water


Sunset at The Fire Wave
After leaving Utah we traveled back to Nevada and stayed about three weeks. Our favorite campground was Valley of Fire State Park. It was definitely the most beautiful campsite we stayed in this year.