A couple of years ago I was photographing on the beach in Bandon with my friend Eric Vogt. We saw a large workshop group coming towards us and Eric recognized Rick Sammon. Rick is an award winning photographer as well as a Canon “Explorers of Light” professional photographer.

Eric and I met Rick and his co-leader Alex Morley.  Since then, Alex and I became friends and we’ve done a couple of photo outings together with his wife and my husband.

Last summer, Alex and Rick invited me to come shoot with them during their workshop when they were in Bandon, shooting horses on the beach. That was super fun and I learned a few techniques for shooting moving horses from Rick.

I was delighted last month when Rick contacted me and asked if he could interview me for his podcast, Digital Photography Experience. He and Juan Pons, co-lead the podcast. It’s a podcast I regularly listen to and enjoy.

Thanks to Rick for interviewing me. I am honored!

I encourage you to listen to the entire podcast if you are a photographer, as you’ll get a lot out of it.  My interview starts about the 21 minute mark. Enjoy!

Digital Photography Experience

Click here to listen to the Digital Photography Experience podcast!