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Cloud Service Provider Outage

On May 14th, my website along with hundreds, maybe thousands of websites that were using the cloud services of the 365 data center went offline. The data center investigated and found that a cyber attack was aimed at a 3rd party service they use. They said no data was taken from the 365 Data Centers cloud environment and there are no on-going threats. My web host and all their customers are still unable to get our backup files from 365. It’s been painful for me to loose my website and the income that my website generates for me. Uptime Robot which monitors my website, notified me that the site was down for 339 hours and 32 minutes.

About three days ago, I was tired of waiting around with no website so I created a new one on another web host service. I wish I had done this sooner but all of us had no idea our files would be delayed in being restored.

I have lost all the search engine ranking I worked so hard on over the years. I have appeared on the first page of many keywords that have helped me gain licensing and print sales. My WordPress website database has been around since 2012. My database contained my entire customer online sales record from the website.

My hope is that 365 will restore the data to my web host and I can get the website that I want back online. Last October I rebuilt my website and really like it. It was exactly the way I needed it to look and work. This temporary website currently has no e-commerce for purchasing prints or products. However, I installed galleries of my images. You can simply contact me if you are interested in licensing or purchasing a print. You can view my print information here. I’m really thankful that I have an existing Etsy Shop. I have connected Etsy to my menu to make it easy to purchase over there. On my Etsy Shop you will find prints and other products available.

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