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Bandon Oregon Photography

While I lived on the Oregon Coast I concentrated on photographing seascapes in Bandon Oregon.  There’s really no need to explain why photographers love Bandon so much, it’s a photographer’s paradise. The sea stacks and pristine beaches is a hot destination for tourists as well. People love the motels, campgrounds, and RV parks in the area. There is so much to do there.

Over the last several years in selling prints online and through local shows and shops, I’ve been able to learn what type of images people request the most from me. Of the coastal images, Bandon is at the top of the list.  When I did my first art festival a couple of years ago, I was asked over and over again for Face Rock photos.  So I’ve created a lot of images for the bustling tourist season on the Oregon Coast. Bandon photography prints tend to be some of my best seller prints. They are very popular and sell well for me in the Oregon Coast shops and galleries. Take a look at my Bandon gallery of images and enjoy!