I enjoy listening to podcasts through iTunes while I process images or when I’m exercising. Of course I listen to music too, but it’s nice to catch up on podcasts when available, particularly those focused on photography topics.

Here’s my list of ones I enjoy:

This Week In Photography (TWIP)
This is the first photography podcast that I have listened to for a number of years. Fredrick Van Johnson hosts the show and has several regular guest photographers on the panel. They discuss the latest news in photography for the week and occasionally Fredrick has a photographer interview. This show is lively and always puts a smile on my face because there is usually a lot of laughter as well as good topics of discussion.

The Digital Photography Experience
The podcast is led by Rick Sammon & Juan Pons, two seasoned photographers who do a lot of workshops. Rick & Juan have interviews and discuss various photography topics. I really enjoy their enthusiasm and expertise.

Improve Photography
Improve Photography with Jim Harmer. The website itself is a great resource for wedding, portraits, nature & landscape photography. There is always a lot of good information on the show.

Photography Roundtable
David Johnston created this podcast just under a year ago. He does a great job. He offers photo tips and gear news mostly related to landscape photography. Every Monday he interviews well-known nature photographers. I really enjoy these interviews.

Martin Bailey
Martin has been doing his podcast for a long time. He is a nature & wildlife photographer based out of Japan. He covers a lot of photography topics related to outdoor photographers as well as travel, gear reviews, image management and printing.

If you have any photography podcasts that you enjoy, feel free to add them to the comments below. I’m always interested in finding new ones to check out, especially if they are for nature photographers.